New Zealand

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cold Pressed

Our Story

Olive Black's roots lie in the South of the Wairarapa, New Zealand. There is no place better to harvest olive oil then the Wairarapa.

It's spectacular coastlines, wide valleys and small towns are the reason the Wairarapa is New Zealand's best kept secret, and is a region we are proud to call the home of Olive Black.

In 2015 a grove was purchased and after a favorable harvest our oil was packaged and delivered to the most exclusive food stores in Auckland and Beyond.

The Olive Black packaging has been designed by some of New Zealand's leading Designers to match our industry leading product. The oil itself is contained in a glass medicine bottle with a cork top for a stylish addition to any home kitchen. 

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Good for the body and soul

Our taste buds are unique in every way while some find Olive Black has an aromatic fresh taste others enjoy the buttery fruit tones, one thing we can agree on is that, Olive Black extra virgin olive oil is fresh in taste this is with certified cold pressed extra virgin oil our press controls the temperature of how the oil is pressed ensuring quality golden richness for the body and mind, is bottled from our farm to your dish, ensuring all the associated benefits of olive oil such as Oleic acid.
With many health benefits associated with certified olive oil. Olive Black extra virgin olive oil is good source of vitamins. Polyphenols are considered a benefit to the human body, a natural antioxidant, which certified olive oil is rich in.This is the reason why at Olive Black we carrying The OliveMark® is important to us, it means that it has gone under a specific requirements such as sensory analysis, undertaken by the International Olive Council,as it is being evaluated for defects. It also undergoes chemical analysis to ensure nothing but pure goodness comes from our olives to your bottle.

100% New Zealand certified

Olive Black carries The Olives New Zealand Mark® which guarantees Olive Black is 100% New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To qualify for Olives New Zealand Certification, New Zealand olive oil must meet specific requirements. These include bottling and labelling standards as well as the chemical and sensory criteria that Olives New Zealand has based on the International Olive Council (IOC) standards for extra virgin olive oil.